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Are you the new director of Filmkontakt Nord?

As of 1 January 2008, current director Karolina Lidin will be seeking new challenges. The position is open and applications are welcome until 17 August 2007.

The position of
of Filmkontakt Nord
commencing December 1st, 2007

About Filmkontakt Nord
Filmkontakt Nord (FkN) was established in 1991 by the independent Nordic film community for the advancement and promotion of Nordic short & documentary films. FkN offers a range of services and events designed to stimulate and facilitate Nordic and international production and distribution collaboration. Key activities are the annual Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities film festival, Nordisk Panorama Market and Nordisk Forum for the financing of documentaries, as well as promotional and consultancy activities at international festivals and markets. Filmkontakt Nord’s office, located in central Copenhagen, boasts an extensive video library available to festivals, buyers and other professionals. FkN is working to provide new and exciting on-line services.

FkN’s work is led by the director together with a staff of three. The director is answerable to a board appointed by the Nordic independent professional organisations.
For further information please refer to the website at

The Director
Applicants for the position of director of FkN should be experienced in film production and/or marketing and distribution. The applicant should have a broad network of contacts within the film/television communities in the Nordic countries, and preferably beyond.
Organisational, administrative, fund-raising and social skills are essential for this position, as well as the ability to lead and take part in the work of a team. The applicant must be fluent both in speech and writing in at least one Scandinavian language in addition to English.

Filmkontakt Nord is continually ready to take on new challenges, and to be at the forefront of Nordic short & documentary marketing and promotion. The successful applicant will be able to combine experience with innovation.

Salary and terms of contract are subject to Danish law. The position of director is for a five-year period at the end of which the contract may be extended.

The application should contain a CV and an informal description of the strengths and abilities that the applicant will be bringing to the work of FkN. References by film/TV professionals are appreciated.

Applications should be sent no later than 17 August to John Webster, chairman, c/o Filmkontakt Nord, Vognmagergade 10, 1st Floor, DK-1120 Copenhagen K. Interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place 14 September.

For further information about the work of the director, please contact John Webster at +358 500 615345; email: or the present director of FkN, Karolina Lidin at +45 3311 5152; email:

Jing Haase

Vognmagergade 10
1120 Copenhagen K
tel +45 3311 5152
fax +45 3311 2152